My Music

Singer/Songwriter and Musician/Live Music Performer

I have an indie/folk style with a beachy Colbie Cailat vibe.

I perform live at restaurants and bars all over. I just moved to Tampa, FL 2 months ago and play all over Tampa, St. Pete, and Clearwater beach. While in school in Denver I played in Denver, Boulder, and Golden almost every weekend and made trips to Breckenridge and Moab, UT as well, and in the summers play in Traverse City Michigan.


I can play a 3 to 4 hour set with a whole range of oldies, classics, country, reggae, folk, and a little jazz mix as well as some originals. If you want to get a little taste of my style, check out this video: 


I am hoping to do more so if you are looking for live entertainment, send me an email at and follow me on Instagram at @jennmarshmusic

My Journey 

My life as a song writer started 4 years ago after I had an ankle surgery that went from a 4 week recovery to a 4 month recovery. When I couldn’t do my daily activities and sports, I turned to my guitar and music, something I have always loved but never had enough time to focus on. 
I started playing more, writing more, and  turning my emotions into poetry for a purpose and not just as a release. This quickly transformed into a hobby and a job, as I took a song writing class when I got back to school. For the class, we had to write an original song each week that fell in line with different genres. I can personally tell you….it was hard! A new song every week was a challenge but was a creative challenge that opened up a whole new path for me! 

Why I Write ​

Music is something that gives power to words. It gives them a deeper meaning and a connection and is something I believe can have a huge impact on peoples lives. So, as I continue to grow in my music journey, I hope I can write songs people can resonate with and maybe help someone through a tough time of struggle, self doubt, mental stress, relationships, and life in general.